By Matt Sambell


We sat down with Inder Lamba, Alaress’ new Technical Account Manager who is part of the Customer Success Team to give us some insights about his role and discuss how he plans to bring further efficiencies to Schoolbox and its partners.


With more than 12 years of experience in the Information Systems Management and a passion for online and Educational technology, Inder has a deep understanding of carefully designed educational solutions and how technology can be leveraged to support educational institutions. Inder has a proven record of delivering on client success, with experience in management roles at several companies including D2L and Hostworks.

Inder joined Alaress in August 2015 and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in managing successful online educational environments, learning management platforms in K-12 schools, Universities and Government clients.

How would you describe your role at Alaress supporting Schoolbox?

As Schoolbox’s Technical Account Manager, my job is to engage in ongoing dialogue with our client partners to better understand their educational needs and to help them achieve results. Part of what compelled me to join Schoolbox was the way the company really listens to its clients – their product is very much based on what educators have told us they need. This is how I have done business my whole career – making sure that the customer’s voice is never lost. I will continue these conversations with Schoolbox clients to make sure they have the solutions they need to be successful.

What is your primary area of focus now that you are a part of the Alaress / Schoolbox team?

Success of our customers. During my first few days at Alaress, I was stunned at the level of passion, dedication and commitment our team has for our customers. It is beyond any vendor/client relationship I had experienced before. Our customers value Schoolbox’s solutions so much, that they want to see us flourish. My primary goal is to ensure that all of our clients around the globe experience exceptional service and support so their enthusiasm for the company never wanes.

Will we see you at the Schoolbox meetup?

Yes! I am counting days until sunny Gold Coast! I am looking forward to meeting our Schoolbox educational community and I will be introducing myself personally to each and every one of you while we are at our 2015 user meetup.

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