To start off the new year we are releasing a quick fix for all the problems that were discovered over the Christmas break. While all the schools were enjoying some well earned holiday time, the team here at Alaress has been working harder than ever to make sure you have a smooth start to the new year.

As always the full release notes are listed below and also available here.

The release fixes two particular critical issues, one when loading calendars and the other when using surveys. So it is important that this is deployed as soon as possible.

If you are not pre-approved for automatic minor updates, please email support to schedule in your update.


  • SB-3748 Fixed selecting a revealed password for copying in the admin system
  • SB-3743 Made accounts enabled by default on create
  • SB-3789 Fixed new sync scripts should not set ePortfolio and superuser settings by default
  • SB-3758 Fixed delete user issues warnings about missing tables
  • SB-3679 Created ePortfolio page copy system
  • SB-3766 Fixed total usage incorrectly reported in some cases on storage report
  • SB-3807 Fixed calendar bulk load so that it correctly assigns ownership of events


  • SB-3811 Fixed all staff cannot post news to campus, without specific permission
  • SB-1720 Fixed attendances so that is uses Synergetic stored procs
  • SB-1728 Added ability to see absence string on attendance screen
  • SB-3746 Fixed new side navigation to minimise database load
  • SB-3741 Fixed calendar button not existing on student profiles on all skins
  • SB-3753 Restored side menu class codes for teachers
  • SB-3838 Altered user profile page so contact alerts are not visible to parents
  • SB-3817 Fixed TASS year group 0 does not display correctly
  • SB-3771 Fixed issue when viewing student profiles displays formatEmailFromArray error
  • SB-3818 Fixed security issue with synergetic portrait fetching


  • SB-3767 Shortened folder names in resource browser to prevent wrapping issues on small screens
  • SB-3834 Reinstated the natural order of homepage template drop down, No Homepage is now first


  • SB-3810 Fixed iCal calendar import sets publish date incorrectly
  • SB-3624 Fixed Teacher/Admin can mark calendar tasks as complete on a student’s calendar but it doesn’t save


  • SB-3775 Fixed events added to homepages do not have owners and cannot be modified
  • SB-3651 Fixed cannot upload files into Course Builder
  • SB-3719 Fixed error when deleting text box content from another page
  • SB-3855 Fixed issue displaying teachers and students when multiple codes are used


  • SB-3836 Fixed issue creating due work when mark weight set to nothing
  • SB-3702 Remove import and export single questions from surveys and assess (confusing and useless)


  • SB-3768 Fixed errors occurring when attempting to complete a survey


  • SB-3326 Removed ‘Add to Homescreen’ button as it is no longer relevant in iOS7 and modern mobiles
  • Boarding Leave
  • SB-3842 Fixed several errors when requesting leave
  • SB-3813 Added method of travel to leave request
  • SB-3812 Added support for leave requests from parents


  • SB-3669 MGGS – Gap appearing on eVI skin between Network Drives and e-portfolio
  • SB-3742 MGGS – Sync all parent email address to schoolbox
  • SB-3668 SMGS – New SchoL skin
  • SB-3765 Seymour – Remove address details from Seymour parent directory
  • SB-3778 Seymour – Added email digest skin
  • SB-3708 Balcombe – Update student sync to get email from OccupEmail field
  • SB-3759 Kings – Update sync to correctly pull username from LoginID
  • SB-3782 Bialik – Webmail tab on the top navigation
  • SB-3819 Bialik – Change top navigation from UPPERCASE to CamelCase
  • SB-3832 Bialik – Sync Year 1 Students to be in System Group ELC
  • SB-3779 Bialik – Fix logo crop
  • SB-3806 TPS – Update staff sync to include all campus involvement
  • SB-3852 TIGS – Updated lunch 2 period time
  • SB-3665 Tintern – Created sync script
  • SB-3488 Toowoomba – Created skin
  • SB-3776 Toowoomba – Fixed issues handling tass data
  • SB-3661 MGS- fixed issues with helpdesk dashboard component
  • SB-3780 Genazzano – Fix image scaling on login interface
  • SB-3831 STK – Sync students to have no title
  • SB-3716 NHS – Favicon incorrect for login screen
  • SB-3740 Penola – Add Schoolbox skin

Feature image: An Afternoon on Phillip Island | Melbourne.
Hadi Zaher
Creative Commons License, Flickr.