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Schoolbox and Rubicon Atlas Join Forces to Integrate Curriculum Data with Learning Management

Dynamic live integration between Atlas and Schoolbox streamlines data and workflows for teachers and K-12 schools.

Melbourne, Australia (March 28th, 2015) – Alaress, the creator of the Schoolbox learning management system (LMS) for K-12 schools, today announced that it has entered into a partnership with Rubicon International, the creators of Atlas, the world’s leading curriculum management software platform.

This agreement will address the long awaited requirements for schools to utilise best-in-breed curriculum design and LMS software, and will ensure integration and simplicity across the platforms.

“By working closely across both the technical and management teams of our respective organisations, we aim to create workflow improvements for shared customers that have never been available before” said Sean Richards, Co-Founder and Director of Alaress.

James Leckie, Co-Founder and product manager for Schoolbox said, “Our mutual clients will benefit from higher quality data, minimised data-duplication, improved workflows and a better overall user experience from this agreement”.

“Having an effective curriculum directly connected to individual student outcomes is critical to improving teaching and learning. For schools looking for continuity between their curriculum and their instruction, this type of integration just makes sense.” said Jason Mendenhall, Partner at Rubicon International.

The collaboration will enable a bilateral approach to developing the first integration of its kind between Atlas and an LMS/virtual learning environment (VLE). A live integration will dynamically drive planned and taught curriculum data directly into Schoolbox which then delivers the curriculum resources and assessments through to students.

Further, the integration will see that both Alaress and Rubicon International provide a single sign on (SSO) approach to seamlessly move users between the two software products.

This integration will see both products focus on their strengths while providing a live integration for the data to move between the two platforms.

Schoolbox is fast becoming the leader in the K-12 education market across Australia and APAC. With a portfolio of clients including Australia’s largest and most prestigious schools, right down to small primary schools, Schoolbox currently services over 145,000 end users across 172 campuses.

Schoolbox will leverage this agreement to offer schools that use Atlas another reason to leave legacy LMS’ behind in place of Schoolbox’s transformative school software.

Atlas, crafted and honed by the team at Rubicon International for nearly 15 years, is the pinnacle system for managing the process of curriculum enhancement through focused collaborative review and data-informed decision-making.

Janet Burreson, Partner at Rubicon International stated, “The Rubicon team is always looking for ways to innovate around strong teaching and learning practices, and views partnerships like these fundamental to our organizational mission of improving learning for all students.“

For more information on Rubicon International, or the Atlas system, visit

Ellen Richards, Director of Sales and Marketing at Schoolbox
+61 3 9882 6909

4 Responses

  • Tim Manea

    Forward thinking. Atlas is by far the best curriculum mapping program available. I have used it for a number of years and the power of its system is in its ability to put the planning and knowledge squarely in the hands of those who need it – the teachers. Brilliant analytical reports available, great interdisciplinarity opportunities. Congrats.

  • Ellen Richards

    Thanks Tim, We are excited that the integration of Schoolbox with Rubicon Atlas will finally address the long awaited requirements for schools to utilise best-in-breed curriculum design and LMS software, and ensure integration and simplicity across the platforms.

  • Maria Sabo

    We are currently using schoolbox and have been talking about using Rubicon for about three years. I was wondering, is the intergratiin between the two systems now ready to go? I mean can we right now, use rubicon within schoolbox?

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