It just works

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Administration System

Fine grain customisation and management of your entire Schoolbox instance.

All Devices — Mobile and Tablet

Modern, responsive user interfaces means support for all devices. Web-based, anywhere, anytime

Automatic Backups

Rest easy – your system is protected and backed up at all times. If all should fail, we’ll restore in no time.


Whether it’s students sharing ideas or a group looking to collaborate, full featured blogs have you covered.

Boarder Leave Management

End the dramas, improve transparency and ensure your boarding house runs like clockwork.


A powerful calendar with so many features it will transform your school.

Collaborative Online Documents

Real-time editing and collaboration over plain text documents. How did we live without it?

Content Editor

Easily style content without technical skills (WYSIWYG) or take control and write your own HTML and CSS.

Custom Branding and Domains

Theme your instance with your branding and colours. Choose your own URL.

Custom Grade types

Create and manage custom grade types and scales to suit the way your school handles grading.

Custom Term Dates

Define your time periods for grouping data by year, semester, term or any period to suit your school’s needs.


Tailored and configurable dashboards provide insight into your school the moment you login.

Discussion Forums

Everyone has a voice. Provide a platform for open discussion online.

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop functionality throughout Schoolbox gives that user friendly touch.

Email Digest

An easy to digest activity summary of notifications, sent as regularly as you like. Parents love it!


Gain insight into how engaged your school is with the system via reports on login rates and feature usage.


With support for RSS, Twitter, podcasts and more, connecting external feeds is a cinch.

File Management

Easy drag and drop file browser and management system. Control allowed file types, plus who gets access.

Google Drive

Utilise your cloud storage within Schoolbox to access documents and submit work.


Empower the groups in your school community to collaborate, communicate and share online.

Homepage Analytics

Track who’s visiting your class or group pages, what files are popular and who hasn’t checked in.

Homepage Customisation

Create beautiful content with components, drag and drop placement, layout and colour control.

Homepage Templates

Templating saves time and ensures consistency throughout your system.


Rich with creative tools, homepages provide interactive spaces to communicate and collaborate.


Subscribe to existing Microsoft Exchange and Google calendars and consume live iCal export feeds to your devices.

Inbuilt Audio Recording

Record audio directly into Schoolbox.

International Language Support

Full support for foreign languages. 胜利


Bring your whole school community online and connect everyone to the information they need.


Provide everyone consistent authentication with integration with LDAP, AD, Open Directory and Novell eDirectory.

Mobile App — Push Notifications

Native mobile apps enable push notifications to parents, teachers and students of school activity.

Mounted Network and Home Drives

Make existing home and network drives available, right from inside Schoolbox. Done!


Support all your multimedia; images, audio, even built in video hosting and streaming.

Multiple Grading Systems

Define custom grade scales and utilise percentage, total marks and rubrics that suit your school’s specific use.

Multiple Profiles

Link user accounts to quickly switch between them. Great for teachers who are also parents!


A communication game changer. Keep everyone up-to-date with our instant in-app, email and mobile notifications.

Office 365 (OneDrive for Business) Integration

Cloud storage within Schoolbox to access documents and submit work.

Pastoral Care System

Maintaining students’ well being is an important factor for any school. Log and track events that affect a student’s life at school.


Provide people access to the relevant information they need.

Personal Cloud File Storage

A place to call your own and store files online. Another reason why Schoolbox just works.

Policy Controls

Each school is different. Schoolbox is flexible enough to tick on what you need and tick off what you don’t.


Polls can be used to gather instant feedback to a question or topic.

Resource Booking

Say goodbye to double bookings and guarantee your next booking is a breeze.

School News

Schedule and publish school or group news quickly and easily. Keep your community up-to-date.


Unified system-wide search helps find whatever you’re looking for quickly, so you can get on with your day.

SIF Ready

Schoolbox is SIF ready. Keep your data integrated and flowing through this standards compliant  protocol.

Single Sign On

Support for single sign on (SSO) through SAML and Kerberos, streamlines daily authentication.

SIS Integration

Real time live integration. Synergetic, Edumate, TASS, Denbigh, Cases21, SchoolPro, Maze, Custom SIS.

Social Stream

Engage students in a format that they are familiar using and encourage “live” and social communication.

Storage Reports

Who uploaded what just became transparent. Quickly isolate high storage usage users and take action.


Quickly create online surveys and start collecting responses. Imagine the time you can save.

Synergetic Markbook Synchronisation

Avoid double entry. Automatically send student results through to Synergetic.

System Log

Never miss a beat. User logs and activity reports are close at hand, when you need them.


Using images, text and links, create your own grid or card style navigation system for your users.


Integrated timetables are a click away for students, parents and teachers. No more missing classes.


Bring Twitter to group, class and school homepages and leverage its social power.

User Management

Helpful tools for everyday user management. Fine grain control over the settings you need.

User Synchronisation

Automatically provision new user accounts and update existing profiles.


Post videos from your phone to your class with built-in video hosting and streaming.


WebDAV mounted file system and submission boxes means students have more ways to access and submit.


Enable groups to collaboratively create, add and edit helpful resources and information.