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All Devices — Mobile and Tablet

Modern, responsive user interfaces means support for all devices. Web-based, anywhere, anytime


Finally a solution that brings assessments online and actually improves workflows for teachers.


Marking attendance from within Schoolbox means one less system for teachers every day.

Australian Curriculum

Map your courses against the Australian Curriculum.

Cheat Checker

Integrated plagiarism checker makes grading fairer and let’s students know how authentic their work really is.

Continuous Reporting

Live analytics for staff, students and their parents on student performance and class level trends.

Course Builder

Collaborate and create structured, reusable courses, centralising resources, curriculum and assessments.

Curriculum Management

Create and store curriculum resources using homepages and modern digital content.

Custom Grade types

Create and manage custom grade types and scales to suit the way your school handles grading.


Need a place for students to simply drop files for you online? You got it!

Due Work Calendar

Assessment tasks are transparent for students, parents and staff.

Google Drive

Utilise your cloud storage within Schoolbox to access documents and submit work.


Rich with creative tools, homepages provide interactive spaces to communicate and collaborate.

Inline Grader

Inline grading enables viewing, annotating and grading submissions, without leaving your browser.

Learning Analytics

Analyse cohort and class learning data to improve student learning outcomes.

Lesson Planner

Import pre-built units to your classroom with rubrics, assignments, quizzes and resources.

Mark Sheet

A fully integrated gradebook solution that literally changes teacher’s lives.

Mathematical Formulas

Teachers need an LMS supporting math formulas and non-Latin scripts. We give it to them.


Support all your multimedia; images, audio, even built in video hosting and streaming.

Multiple Grading Systems

Define custom grade scales and utilise percentage, total marks and rubrics that suit your school’s specific use.

Office 365 (OneDrive for Business) Integration

Cloud storage within Schoolbox to access documents and submit work.

Online Submissions

Allow students to submit work from phones or iPads or whatever device they use.


Test and auto-grade students online. Easy templating and horizontal marking are just the icing on the cake.


Standardise, template and communicate expectations of quality around tasks for students and parents.

Self Assessment

Facilitate student self assessment and track student progress across pre-planned assessments and tasks.

Student Progress Tracker

Track student self progression through curriculum and identify those requiring extra support.

Synergetic Markbook Synchronisation

Avoid double entry. Automatically send student results through to Synergetic.


Post videos from your phone to your class with built-in video hosting and streaming.

Virtual Class Homepages

Your interactive, easy to use virtual whiteboard. Facilitate better teaching and learning, online.

Voice Feedback

Provide instant audio feedback to students.