Hello, hello!

Our latest major release to Schoolbox is now available for general install on all servers. The latest release features our new mobile ready responsive interface. For all the details about this latest release please visit the release notes.

For any one that missed the live stream, you may wish to catch up by watching the recorded v15.5 walkthrough webinar.

Due to the potential for breaking existing skins with this latest release, please test and develop a plan for migration in your development environment before upgrading to this version.

If you do not currently have a skin, and are waiting for this update before commencing, you can update immediately.

In order to get this update installed, please contact our support team and schedule a time for this upgrade to take place. We expect the upgrade to take approximately 15 minutes. Please allow for extra time to configure your skin with the skin builder, following the upgrade.

Custom Modules and Designs

Existing custom modules may require updating, in order to work with the new 15.5 responsive design. If you experience any issues, please contact our support team to discuss your specific requirements.

Watch the recorded 15.5 walkthrough webinar

Watch the recorded 15.5 walkthrough webinar