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The Schoolbox v18 Release is now GOLD!

We’re happy to announce that Schoolbox v18 is now live!

This release was greatly inspired by our active Schoolbox community, which is why it features many of the most popular requests from our ideas and user forums.

We’ve introduced two of the most popular ideas from the forums in this major release: the differentiation of assessment and student participation, and the ability for students to self-reflect and self-assess their learning.

To familiarise yourself with the new updates:

First, make sure you’ve watched our v18 Webinar Walkthrough, where Technical Director, James Leckie, guides you through the features of the new release.

Then, make sure you read the v18 Release Notes, Changes For Teachers and Change Management Tips to further support your understanding of the upcoming features in this release.

To receive the v18 GOLD release:

All you need to do is choose a time for us to perform your upgrade by simply selecting an available time from our calendar.

A quick refresh on the v18 features:

Assessment Differentiation and Participation

Teachers will now be able to differentiate assessment for individuals or groups. This will improve student engagement by ensuring assessment information is accurate and supports students who may need additional guidance.

Student Self-Reflection and Self-Assessment

Metacognition, or the awareness of one’s own thought process, and self-reflection are key components of learning, which is why Schoolbox now supports teachers to implement assessments with self-reflection.

This can be as simple as a comment when the assessment is submitted, but is most effective when coupled with a rubric.

Feature Tours

It’s now easier than ever to get to know Schoolbox! Moving forward, feature tours and guides will become a part of your introduction to Schoolbox.

These tours will automatically appear the first time you open a new area of the system. You can let them take you on a quick tour of the features on the page, or you can easily skip through them.

Other changes and features

There’s plenty more to get excited about with this release. For further information about what additional features and updates are going into the next release, make sure you read the v18 Release Notes.

Speak soon,
The Schoolbox team

2 Responses

  • Drew Collins

    Can I just check that when students are allowed to submit an assignment multiple times, their plagscan result does NOT come up as 100%, or virtually so. i.e. it overwrites their previous work with the new version?

    Students are saying this is not the case and I just want to be sure as other services like this (Turnitin) I have used allow for multiple submissions and I use this a as a way of educating students on plagiarism.

  • Matt Sambell

    Hi Drew. I can confirm that for an assessment that accepts multiple submissions, when a student submits it will overwrite their previous submission, to avoid scanning for plagiarism against any of their previous submissions/drafts etc. Thanks. <3

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