What is Schoolbox?

Everything in one place for K–12


Schools are large, active communities. Schoolbox provides the tools for your school, staff, students, parents and groups to communicate in one place. Improve the flow of information, foster teamwork and connect people throughout your school.

  • Forget lost notes at the bottom of a school bag. Schoolbox ensures you receive all relevant information travelling through your school.
  • Notifications are delivered in real time across your devices.
  • Departments, committees and groups speak freely with each other.
  • Students can communicate in context with teachers and their class peers.
  • Students are notified when important due dates and assessments are posted.
  • News and events are clearly communicated to those who need it and important information is quickly distributed for parents to access.


Coordinating people to collaborate can be challenging. Schoolbox makes it simple. Now everyone can work together in an interactive environment. Facilitate collaboration inside and outside the classroom.

Social Stream
  • Provide a smarter way to collaborate and improve teaching and learning outcomes.
  • Engage your students by communicating in a format that they are familiar using. Encourage them to participate, share and post content using our social stream.
  • Departments use Schoolbox’s collaborative tools to create and share reusable multimedia, learning resources and curriculum.
  • Teachers can discuss and collaborate with students over learning resources.
  • Staff committees or student project groups can work together developing collaborative homepages.
  • Encourage student reflection on showcased assessments in ePortfolios with their parents, groups or peers.


Schools strive to continuously improve teaching and learning outcomes. Schoolbox provides a seamless transition to hybrid and blended learning and makes free-form and structured teaching easy. Optimise learning management, support students with learning analytics and free up time for more classroom interaction.

  • Easily template and publish assignments, quizzes, due dates and self-assessed tasks.
  • Deliver continuous grade reports to students and their parents.
  • Centralise learning resources into structured or free-form based lessons and share to classes.
  • Assessments, grades and feedback are transparent for teachers, students and parents.
  • Receive, annotate, grade and return homework online. Quizzes are graded automatically.
  • Submissions can be created online or uploaded by students on any device.
  • Integrated plagiarism checker makes grading fairer.
  • Track and archive individual student progress and grades via a user friendly marksheet.


People are creative; software tends to be rigid. Schoolbox is flexible and customisable. Encourage people to create beautiful and engaging content whilst you control branding and make Schoolbox your own. Nurture imagination and creativity throughout your school.

  • Schoolbox is a simple, flexible toolkit without a rule book.
  • Homepages are rich with tools for creating beautiful and inspiring content.
  • Safely embed approved media from other sources or whitelist your own.
  • Theme Schoolbox with your branding and colours and choose your own URL.
  • Endless customisation of homepages using a myriad of components, drag and drop placement and simple control of colours.
  • Style content using our easy content editor, or take control and write your own HTML and CSS.
  • Support all your multimedia; images, audio, even built in video hosting and streaming.


Managing time, content and people is hard enough. Schoolbox frees up more time in your day and unifies everything you oversee. Provide people the relevant access, information and tools at their fingertips. Maximise efficiency and your school will achieve more each day.

  • Management of content and information becomes accessible to all.
  • Schoolbox’s administration system enables fine grain customisation and management throughout the entire system.
  • Control allowed file types, report on storage usage, manage users, view activity logs and get your hands dirty when you need to.
  • Empower staff and students to create and maintain resources or homepages for groups they represent.
  • School news, timetables, tasks, homework, assessment dates, files and resources are conveniently accessible in Schoolbox.
  • Enhance content creation throughout your school and remove reliance on emails, phone messages and information overload.
  • Delegate the publishing of news and events to specific users.
  • The calendar displays campus, group, class and personal events - all visible for teachers and students’ parents.


Too many logins, duplicated data and disparate systems are headaches schools can avoid. Schoolbox integrates with SSO, LDAP, popular student information systems, Webmail, vCal and WebDAV just to name a few. Centralise resources, avoid data duplication and simplify administration.

  • Student information systems (SIS) - Synergetic, Edumate, TASS, Denbigh, Cases21, SchoolPro, Maze, Custom SIS.
  • LDAP, AD, Novell, Outlook, Webmail, vCal, WebDAV and RSS.
  • Support for single sign on (SSO) streamlines daily authentication.
  • Real time integration enables teachers to view SIS data including staff and student information, parent contacts, class enrolment, timetables and much more right within Schoolbox.
  • With support for countless embeddable content providers such as Clickview, YouTube and Khan Academy, your teachers can bring the tools they love right into Schoolbox.
  • Stay at the forefront of education technology with constant new integrations.

Partners and Integration

We welcome and support partnerships with leading software and service providers that strengthen the solutions available to our customers across strategy, integration, implementation and new application development.

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