How to Embed Google Files and Capture Media with Schoolbox

By Kay Nageswaran

Designed to enable collaboration, connection and communication in one platform, Schoolbox thrives on enhancing engagement within your school community. So, whenever a feature or enhancement is introduced, it is done so after careful consideration with our schools.

In this blog, you will discover two key features in Schoolbox and how they can be used to achieve greater collaboration and promote effective communication across the school community.

Instant collaboration: how to embed Google Files into Schoolbox 

Google Files provide an easy and effective mechanism to collaborate in real time with colleagues and students. Taking this a step further, Schoolbox houses the capability to embed Google Files into the platform so that collaboration can occur in real time, alongside learning materials—all in one place. 

Whether it’s Google Docs, Google Slides or Google Sheets, you can embed them into your desired page in Schoolbox for instant collaboration. All you need to do is add the Google Files component and select the permissions. 

Take a look at how it works:

How to embed Google Files into Schoolbox

Timely communication: how to capture and share media directly in Schoolbox

Communication is most effective when it is timely and relevant. So, when sharing the learning progression of your students, it is important to have the tools available on the go. Schoolbox understands this and for that reason, is equipped with the functionality to directly capture the learning progression of students through many media options including video, audio and image.

The file upload modal ‘Record’ in Schoolbox includes three ways to record: audio only, video or screen capture. 

There is no need to take a photo or record video on another device, you can do so directly in Schoolbox and upload instantly. There is no need to leave Schoolbox. 

Three ways to capture media in Schoolbox

A popular method to upload media in Schoolbox is via our Learning Moments feature. This feature enables students and teachers to share learning moments with parents and families as they happen. 

With direct capture of media available in Schoolbox, students and parents can readily take or record the learning moment as and when it happens and upload it, thereby sharing the important moment in a timely and relevant manner.

Want to see how it works? Check out the video below:

How to capture and share media directly in Schoolbox

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Schoolbox thrives on the success of our customers and this means providing the capabilities to enhance the learning journey and thereby create lifelong learners. Each and every enhancement or feature has been implemented to provide a tool that will empower students. 

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