Seamless School Data Integration with Schoolbox

Manage your Student Information System with ease

When migrating to a Learning Management System and School Portal, a key aspect of the migration process requires integration of your existing school data including user information, class data and school calendar.

Schoolbox will provide a project management team to dedicate to your rollout and ensure seamless school data integration.

School Data Integration with Schoolbox

Your School Data

For most schools, your school data is stored in a Student Information System (SIS). The data in your SIS encompasses important details like student names, enrolled classes, staff information, family relationships and medical data.

In order to effectively utilise Schoolbox, your school data needs to be integrated into the Schoolbox platform.

SIS Integration

Schoolbox has facilitated data integration for a number of different Student Information Systems when rolling out our Learning Management System and School Portal into schools.

Our popular SIS integrations have been with:

Schoolbox is also compatible with a number of different SIS including MAZE, Denbigh, Engage (formerly Doublefirst), SAS2000/SchoolEdge, and SchoolPro.

However, if you have a SIS that is outside of the systems named above, don’t worry, we have the Schoolbox Connector.

System Integration with the Schoolbox Connector

The Schoolbox Connector enables your school data, regardless of the SIS that is in use, to be imported into the Schoolbox LMS and School Portal.

To enable this to occur, your school’s data is first imported into the School User Data Store, a hub that will house your data via an API or CSV.

The data from the School User Data Store is then synchronized with Schoolbox via the Schoolbox Connector.

Best Practices for Successful Data Migration

Clean up your data repositories

When you’re migrating data over to Schoolbox, you want to be careful that the data you have is all relevant and more importantly, all the fields are filled in with the right details. Only then will your migration into Schoolbox be synchronised accordingly.

Ensure your data is up to date

Be mindful of the accuracy of your data. Your system integration and data transition to Schoolbox will be more effective if you’re working with the latest in school data.

Have your database guru on hand

Who knows your data the best? Find your database guru or if you have one, your database administrator. Having them nearby during the data integration will ensure fields are not missed and crucial elements of your data infrastructure are not forgotten.

Check data protection settings

Yes, we’re talking here about data policies. Not everyone can see everything. Ensure you adhere to privacy policies as well as your own school policies by confirming the protection settings you need to maintain with the transition.

Toggle appropriate access points

In Schoolbox, you will be able to use toggles to determine access levels for your data. In preparing for the data migration from your Student Integration System, this is a good time to align the different access levels so you can implement this with ease in Schoolbox.

Schools without a School Information System

If your school doesn’t have a Student Information System, Schoolbox can still be rolled out into your school. The main thing is you have a system that encompasses all your school data including student information, school timetable and so on.

We have various solutions to assist with rollouts for schools without a SIS so speak to us and we can come up with the most appropriate solution to fit your school!

Let’s Talk

Each school has its own approach to storing data and for the best data migration, it is important for Schoolbox to sit down and work with you on the technical requirements. This way, you will experience seamless data integration when implementing your Schoolbox LMS and School Portal as well as get the most effective use.

To ensure we have the latest technology to facilitate an easy transition, we’re always improving and enhancing the Schoolbox software. Our Customer Success Team is on hand to assist with any specific questions you may have.

Contact us for a free demo and a complimentary evaluation of your school data integration needs.