Schoolbox Customer Success Team

With you every step of the way

Our Customer Success Team consists of educators and online learning experts, who have had plenty of experience managing projects, troubleshooting, implementing Schoolbox, and using it day-to-day in the classroom. And, they are here to partner with your school to ensure the best experience with your Schoolbox Learning Management System (LMS) and School Portal.

Whether you need a question answered, want to chat to product support or need additional onsite/online education consulting, our Customer Success Team is here to help.

Our Vision

Headed by Duane Cox, a passionate STEM educator with a strong focus on change management, the Customer Success Team is here to support and partner with you and your school to achieve success and deeper adoption of Schoolbox for your entire school community.

Duane Cox

The Customer Success Team is made up of:

Account Managers

The Schoolbox Account Managers are dedicated customer success advocates.

Specialists in curriculum deliverables and creating best in class workflow processes, our Account Managers are here to find education technology solutions to meet the unique needs of your school community and enable quality teaching and learning.

They will:

Ensure Schoolbox continues to meet the needs of K–12 schools.

Provide insights into the ever-evolving education landscape.

Highlight unique challenges faced by each and every curriculum.

Partner with your school and provide positive customer experiences.

Promote strategic thinking in decision making.

Enable customer success with Schoolbox rollout and beyond.

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  • New Customer Consultations
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    The Account Managers at Schoolbox are the first point of contact for all new customers. Come chat to them about the needs of your school and the goals you wish to achieve. They will then tailor a Schoolbox solution that resonates with the vision of your school and be with you step by step, to bring it to life.

  • Preliminary and Deep Dive Demonstrations
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    Schoolbox is a vast platform that contains not only a Learning Management System but also houses a community portal and a number of engagement tools. Our Account Managers can assist you with understanding the platform and address specific concerns you may have on the feasibility of Schoolbox for your school. Explore specific features like pastoral care or continuous reporting and gain deep dive insights into the adaptability and agility of Schoolbox.

  • Sandbox Walkthroughs
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    Learning to ride a bicycle requires a bike and the same logic applies with Schoolbox. We have designed a Sandbox version specially for this purpose so that you and your staff can get hands-on experience with the features of the platform and discover first hand the range of solutions it can provide. Our Account Managers are available to assist with Sandbox walkthroughs and where you can’t find something, they will ensure you obtain the relevant information.

  • Strategic Advice
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    Every school is different and so are the needs. Account Managers each have a curriculum speciality and come from a breadth of experience in enhancing the teaching and learning experience for all students. They know only too well that a school evolves and a strategic approach to education delivery is of utmost importance. If you are in need of a specific strategic plan to meet teaching and learning outcomes or maybe a sounding board, our Account Managers can sit down with you and map out a strategic direction for your school and Schoolbox.

  • Schoolbox Community Orientation
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    There is a whole Schoolbox community waiting for you. Once you’re locked and loaded with your new Schoolbox instance, our Account Managers will introduce you to Schoolbox Help. Here, you will gain a network of teachers, get to know other Schoolbox users and voice your thoughts on future initiatives of Schoolbox. As a Schoolbox user, you will get access to:

    • Community Q&A: ask and share information with other users and explore best practice Schoolbox usage.
    • Feature Requests: Suggest features and vote on ideas that you would like to see in your Schoolbox instance.
    • User Groups: connect with local Schoolbox schools and attend Schoolbox events in your area.
    • Online Teacher Training Course: complete our Online Teacher Training Course and become a Schoolbox HERO.

Professional Services

The Schoolbox Professional Services Team is here to guide you through the best practices of your Schoolbox Learning Management System and School Portal features.

They will provide extensive consulting services to help your school get familiar with Schoolbox. Whether you’re new and need help during the initial stages, or you’re a seasoned Schoolbox veteran who wants to extract more value, there are learning opportunities for all.

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  • Schoolbox Implementation Support
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    Professional services provide your school with all the necessary support required during the initial implementation of the product. This not only includes rollout support, but tips on how you can engage your whole school community to ensure a quick uptake.

  • In-Depth Consulting
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    Get access to customised consultation services tailored for your school’s specific needs with Professional Services. Discuss innovation in the classroom, best education experiences and learning management tools. Some examples of our consultation services include:

    • Head of Departments and Curriculum Leaders Workshop
    • Teacher Champions Workshop
    • Administration Workshop
    • Schoolbox Health Check
  • Project Management Services
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    Professional Services assist in implementing a modern classroom to facilitate a deeper learning for your students with minimal disruption through SIS integration and system switchovers.

  • Ongoing Education
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    Education is an ever evolving landscape and this means Schoolbox has to be as well. Workshops designed to keep you on your toes and up-to-date with Schoolbox are available. The classes are expertly delivered by Professional Services, so you know that you’re always going to get the best advice.


If you have an issue with the use of your Schoolbox Learning Management System and School Portal, the legendary Schoolbox Support Team is ready to assist. Full of remarkable problem solvers, this team is known for its customer service excellence.

No matter where you are in your Schoolbox journey, feel free to reach out to Support for any concerns and they will get you on the right path in no time.

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  • Technical Support
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    The Support team is available to provide you with answers to your technical questions. Whether it be setting up your SSO (Single Sign On) or getting your timetable to show on your dashboard, their expertise will solve your problem or point you towards the right Schoolbox team.

  • Troubleshooting
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    Need some help with troubleshooting? Log your issue via our ticketing service or calling our Support team. Your issue is sure to be resolved as soon as possible. Troubleshooting is second nature to our Support Team and when you need help, they are here to get you back on track.

  • Upgrades
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    Schoolbox is continuously evolving and to get the most out of your instance, you need to ensure you have the latest version of Schoolbox. If you experience issues with upgrading to the latest version, the Support team can help. From answering questions relating to testing your staging server to booking a time for an upgrade, they will be your first point of contact.

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