School Intranet Software with Schoolbox

Create a school engagement platform

Unique challenges face the educational environment, especially with learners who have knowledge at their fingertips—literally.

The school intranet has been traditionally thought of as a place to distribute information. But when you shift this mindset to thinking of this software as an engagement platform for knowledge-sharing and collaboration; you will be able to create a learning experience that will empower and excite your young learners.

School Intranet Software with Schoolbox

What is the School Intranet?

The school intranet is a helpful platform to streamline all internal communications and create a collaborative environment within your school. More than an avenue to disseminate information, your school intranet provides a platform where your whole school community can get involved.

Documents and file sharing

The school intranet provides a space for your whole school to share files and update and view documents. This means any changes made are available instantaneously, which will ensure teachers and students are relying on the most up-to-date version for teaching and learning.

Staff records

Use the school intranet to keep records of your staff and ensure accuracy. Centralising important records like this will provide your school with real-time information so the right people for the right job can be selected for future school projects. You can also add a photo!

Share teaching information

Tools within the school intranet provide opportunities to share information and enhance collegiality within your staff. Your students will also benefit from increased engagement through greater collaboration.

Personalise learning

Having a school intranet provides the platform for personalising the learning experience for each student. Combine this platform with your learning management system and see the engagement of your students skyrocket.

Integrate apps

Centralise access to third-party school apps on the school intranet platform and make learning easy for your students. One platform for all learning tools and information is key to creating a solid learning journey in today’s environment.

The Schoolbox School Intranet Platform

The school intranet from Schoolbox incorporates the Learning Management System and combines with the School Portal to streamline all internal communications, collaboration tools, and content management. With everything in one place, Schoolbox provides a holistic engagement platform for your school.

Key Features of the Schoolbox Intranet Software System for Schools


Document Storage

Centralise the storage of your school documents and provide easy accessibility to enable file sharing, collaboration and school community engagement.

School Intranet - Document Storage

Image Galleries

Store and access images with our Sharepoint intranet solution—you won’t need to switch between storage sources because everything will be in one place.

School Intranet - Image Galleries

Surveys and Forms

Need to issue permission slips or create a student survey about an issue within the school? Simply login into your school intranet system; all the tools will be readily available to create, generate, and publish.

School Intranet - Surveys and Forms

Homepage Builder

Set up homepages for different activities and events within the school and streamline all your school communication and collaborate with your entire school network with this fast, secure and reliable platform.

School Intranet - Homepage Builder

Secure Intranet with Single Sign-on

Schoolbox’s clean, responsive design, with secure single sign-on authentication means access on any device! Customisable components display relevant information to deliver personalised user experiences.

School Intranet - Secure Intranet with Single Sign-on

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There are different ways in which the Schoolbox School Intranet can be customised for your school and enhance engagement within your school community.

We are continuously improving and enhancing the Schoolbox software and will be happy to assist with any specific questions you may have. We also have a dedicated Customer Success Team on hand.

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