Schoolbox Learning Management System Overview

Learning technology for the new generation

The world is ever changing and so is the approach of educating K–12 students.

Where we’re faced with a generation of learners with readily available information, easy access and a connected lifestyle, the learning experience needs to equip these students with skills to transform knowledge into wisdom. Having a learning management system (LMS) in schools is the first step to giving teachers the tools they need to optimise their teaching strategies and enhance the learning experience of K–12 students in the 21st century. The Schoolbox LMS is designed with the modern learner in mind.

Learning Management System from Schoolbox

What is a Learning Management System?

Let’s start with some learning management system basics. Also known as an LMS, this is software that facilitates the learning that takes place in the classroom, by providing teachers a modern learning platform to share teaching resources, assess and provide feedback, encourage collaboration between students, and use personalised mechanisms to complement individual learning needs.

Features of an LMS for K–12 include:

Customised Learning Solutions

Social Interaction and Peer-to-Peer Collaboration

Individual Assessment and Self-Reflection

Reporting and Feedback

Learning Analytics

Content Management

And to make it easy to integrate into the teaching process and extend learning beyond the classroom, LMS software is accessible from anywhere, anytime, as long as you have internet connectivity and the relevant login details.

What are the Benefits of a Learning Management System?

In the modern learning environment, teachers and students benefit from instant information, ease of access, peer-to-peer collaboration, learner interaction, sharing resources, and assessment differentiation. With learning management system software, educators will be equipped with digitools to track learner progress and facilitate learning for students at their individual pace.

Accessible information from anywhere, anytime

Having an online learning system means your students will be able to access relevant study materials whenever they want. If a student prefers studying after school, they can get their homework completed then, or maybe they’re a morning person—easy—they can login in the early hours. And in an era where smartphones have become a part of the social ecosystem, LMS Apps also allow for mobile learning.

All information is centralised

The LMS facilitates learning by providing one platform to map out the student learning journey and enabling self-paced learning. And all information is available in one location for students to access; no more excuses about losing handouts or forgetting to bring assessments on time.

Collaboration and communication is key

As all information relating to each course is housed in one platform accessible to students, parents, teachers, and the wider school community, the ease of collaboration and communication is exceptional. Not only that, parents and other key players relevant to the students’ wellbeing can be informed in real time and be involved in the learning journey.

Individualised and differentiated learning

No student learns the same way—fact. A need for different styles of teaching with personalised approaches is therefore key. The LMS simplifies the process for individualised and differentiated learning so teachers are no longer worried about the ‘how’ and can focus on finding the best approach for each student.

Facilitates social learning

The ability of an LMS to enable social learning extends the learning experience beyond the classroom. Social media has become ingrained into the new generation of learners, so a learning experience that can incorporate this familiar style will result in a student-base that is highly engaged and collaborative. And this is exactly what an LMS does through tools like discussion boards, social stream, forums, and content sharing.

Develop a love for learning

Having a learning management system gives the power of learning to the student. By empowering students to take charge of their learning, you make education enjoyable and develop a love of learning in this new generation of learners.

Learning Management System from Schoolbox

The LMS from Schoolbox is a highly customisable learning management system that accommodates a range of modern teaching strategies. Its components support learner interaction, creativity, a growth mindset, student wellbeing, and expands learning beyond the classroom to suit all K–12 learners. Share resources, individualise learning, increase collegiality.

Our 8 Top Features in LMS Technology


Course Builder

Create courses, units, and projects to assist your students to navigate their learning and empower them to choose how they are assessed. Get your students to download resources, view online tutorial videos, and share examples of best practices.

Schoolbox LMS - Course Builder

Continuous Reporting

Give your students real time, individualised feedback on their performance and promote self-reflection and growth. You can also keep parents up to date on their child’s progress.

Schoolbox LMS - Continuous Reporting

Customised learning

Individualise the learning experience with tailored assessments based on the pace of each student and the support they require. The LMS in Schoolbox allows for individualised as well as differentiated learning.

Schoolbox LMS - Customised Learning

Rubric reporting

Utilise sophisticated rubrics to enhance and give targeted feedback to your students, align with curriculum standards, and track achievement across multiple assessments.

Schoolbox LMS - Rubric Reporting

Self-Reflection and Student Self-Assessment

Nurture critical thinking and self-reflection by providing students with opportunities to assess their own work against rubrics and reflect on their performance.

Schoolbox LMS - Self Reflection

Embed learning tools

Provide an easy learning journey with Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) so students can access third-party learning tools from a central platform.

Schoolbox LMS - Embed Tools

Learning analytics

Get detailed reports on assessment data that show student performance, outliers, and progression over time. Use this information to make informed decisions on the future learning journey for each student.

Schoolbox LMS - Learning Analytics

Single sign-on

With just one point of login, you’ll be able to access all that you need to prepare and facilitate the learning journey of your students. Seamlessly move between school systems with the Schoolbox central platform and track student information, their submissions, pastoral care notes and more.

Schoolbox LMS - Single Sign-on

Schoolbox LMS Implementation: System Requirements Checklist

Schoolbox has been designed to pair seamlessly with most School Information System software and host a number of third-party integrations. However, we strive to customise each LMS implementation and will configure and setup the components according to the unique needs of your school.

Gathering the following three pieces of information will ensure your school gets off on the right foot:

SIS integration

Schoolbox LMS integrates with your school data system so knowing your SIS software will be handy. If your school does not have a SIS, don’t worry, this will not be a hurdle to the implementation of the Schoolbox LMS—we’ll provide you with the appropriate solution.

Timetable definition

Your school timetable will feed into the Schoolbox LMS. Having information on the timetable system that your school utilises—and any other relevant integrations—will ensure information is exported smoothly into the LMS.

Level of access

You’ll need to consider who will have access to your Schoolbox LMS and what level of access they will require. A teacher for instance is going to use the LMS differently to your marketing coordinator.

Ongoing Training

Our LMS technology is ever evolving and updates are constantly being made to enhance the user experience and facilitate modern learning that will resonate with today’s students. So, our Customer Success Team is always on hand to assist with any questions you may have. We’ve also designed Schoolbox Help with an online teaching training course to specifically provide your staff a space for independent learning, so you can get the most effective use of your Schoolbox LMS.

Contact us today for a free demo and a complimentary evaluation of your current Learning Management System needs.