Beyond LMS: Schoolbox School Portal

Enhancing school communication and collaboration

The digital age has given our learners the ability to access information readily and instantaneously.

So, imagine the learning experience when vital elements like communication and collaboration are extended beyond the classroom. Schoolbox recognises these advantages for today’s K–12 learners and on top of the Learning Management System, we also provide teachers with a School Portal solution to keep their students connected even after the bell has rung.

Learning Management System from Schoolbox

The School Portal Software Solution

As a teacher, you want to be there for your students along their learning journey and provide assistance where possible. The School Portal tools in Schoolbox provide engagement opportunities for you to connect with K–12 students outside the classroom.

5 Must-Have Features of School Portal Software



A customised landing page which encompasses your school portal features and branding, as well as links to your Learning Management System and other important pages.

Schoolbox School Portal - Dashboard

School Calendar

A space to show and track all school events including student assessments, personalised to each user.

Schoolbox School Portal - School Calendar

School Notices and News

A medium to deliver relevant information about the school to those who need to know and on devices they prefer to use.

Schoolbox School Portal - School Notices and News

Digest Email

A digitool to collate all the events that took place during the week and provide a simple, easy-to-read email

Schoolbox School Portal - Digest Email

Group Management

A place to manage and automate group enrolments and interactions. Share, engage, and collaborate with all your extra-curricular groups including: sports, debating, chess, committees, and other interests.

Schoolbox School Portal - Group Management

Why is the School Portal Important to the Learning Experience?

The School Portal is a powerful tool to coordinate a range of school activities, enhance parent engagement and assist with school organisation and communication.

We’re living in the age of connected communities where creativity, thinking critically and problem solving are becoming increasingly valuable skills. Consequently, the importance of instant information in the learning journey cannot be underestimated.

Instant and relevant communication

A portal solution will provide a space to set up and administer notifications to relevant audiences. For instance, if a major assignment is coming up, you could set up regular reminders so your students are engaged with the requirements of the assignment and importantly, submit on time. This communication space also allows parents to be involved in the learning journey. Communication tools like news, forums and blog posts enable instant correspondence and keep students connected throughout the learning experience.

Collaboration outside of the classroom

With the School Portal, teachers can provide different opportunities for students to collaborate. Creating spaces like forums, social streams and chats enables students to continue the learning process outside of the classroom and outside of the ‘timetable’. Not only are you encouraging peer-to-peer collaboration but you’re providing different mediums to nurture a love of learning. You also have the opportunity to collaborate with other teachers to share information and enhance skills.

Improved school management

Web portal features provide a number of ways to increase engagement in a structured framework. This means you can organise your school’s activities to assist with managing your school more effectively. Using features like groups and digest emails for instance provides easy-to-manage processes for extra-curricular activities and ensuring your school community is kept up to date with information that is relevant to them.

The School Portal Solution from Schoolbox

The School Portal features in Schoolbox LMS software are carefully constructed to support and connect your entire school community. The digitools available through the School Portal are designed to provide the best possible learning experience and facilitate opportunities for teachers to communicate instantly with their students and parents, and promote collaboration outside the classroom.


Enhance Communication

Schoolbox School Portal Features:

Target information to those who need to know and avoid communications that do not add value.

Set custom notifications according to role and for different events and activities.

Provide live updates to parents, teachers, students and the broader school community.

Allow users to access the portal function on their smartphone.

Enable integrations with school calendar tools, class attendance software, extra-curricular pages, Google maps and more.

Facilitate Collaboration

Schoolbox School Portal Features:

Allow discussions on moderated topics with forums and increase the wealth of knowledge and skills within your peers and students.

Promote anytime learning via the social stream and facilitate instant flow of communication on any topic.

Utilise the ePortfolio—a student-centred space—to strengthen sharing of interests and achievements.

Gain instant gratification and feedback by creating polls and surveys.

Channel deep dive discussions with blogs on a defined topic or segment.


The School Portal software solution from Schoolbox is always changing to keep up-to-date with current education trends and enhance the user experience.

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