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Community Portal


280 students min. | Per student, annual

Engage your school community with powerful collaboration and communication tools.

  • Personalised News, Calendar and Dashboard for Parents, Students and Staff
  • Targeted Notifications
  • Collaborative Spaces
  • Timetable Management System
  • Surveys, Forms and Polls
  • Easy user management, role based permissions
  • Simple content management system
  • Community Engagement Statistics
  • Share files from Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive
  • Mobile Push Notifications (app purchase separately)
  • SSO Support
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Community Portal Plus


280 students min. | Per student, annual

The ultimate platform to connect your entire school community and bring all your EdTech into one place.

  • All of Community Portal, plus:
  • Capture & Share Learning Moments using multimedia tools
  • QR Code sign on for younger students
  • Manage bookings for IT resources, meeting spaces and classrooms
  • Schedule extra-curricular activities, manage teams and provide venue directions
  • Staff Directory
  • Parent Directory



300 students min. | Per student, annual

Combine Community Portal with a unified learning management system, to enhance teaching and learning to improve student outcomes.

  • All of Community Portal, plus:
  • QR Code sign on for younger students
  • Class and Group collaborative spaces
  • Capture & Share Learning Moments using multimedia tools
  • Course,Class and Rubric Markbooks
  • Curriculum tagging tools
  • Micro-credentialing tools allowing teachers to set goals and recognise achievements
  • Summative Reporting PDF Generator
  • Inline Grader and Similarity Checker
  • Dynamic Group Memberships
  • LTI 1.3 Support
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320 students min. | Per student, annual

All the power of Pro plus more features to work with your entire school community and manage student wellbeing.

  • Everything in Pro, plus:
  • Pastoral Care module including teacher flags and notifications keeping staff informed of student wellbeing needs
  • Manage bookings for IT resources, meeting spaces and classrooms
  • Schedule extra-curricular activities, manage teams and provide venue directions
  • Excursion Request Process to support administration of Education outside the classroom
  • Access to extended integrations and API connections

All prices listed in Australian Dollars (AUD) and exclude GST

Your Implementation Plan

Here at Schoolbox, we want YOU to be successful.

And to do this, we want to work closely with your school to design a personalised implementation project. Based on your goals and unique school environment, we will design your implementation plan and work with you on your installation of Schoolbox.

A typical Schoolbox implementation will include the following:

Project Management

Ensure a successful collaboration in the planning and execution of your implementation.


Seamlessly install Schoolbox Live and Development environments.


Assist with configuration needs including integrations.

Educational consultation

Work closely with your Executive and Implementation Teams.

Technical consultation

Liaise with your System Administration and Implementation Teams.


  • Q: What type of human resources will support a successful Schoolbox implementation?

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    A: To ensure a successful implementation, we recommend schools develop a project team and adopt a two-phase approach. Initially, the project team should include all key stakeholders and a clearly defined Project Leader who will be responsible for the project. In phase one, these stakeholders may include, but should not be limited to, those individuals who will be responsible for running Schoolbox at your school.

    Phase One (Strategic):

    • Project Team - eLearning Head/Coordinator; IT Manager; Deputy Principal (Operations); Head of Marketing/Communications; Head of Curriculum, Head of Pastoral/Students; and Head of Boarding (if applicable).

    Phase Two (Operational):

    • Project Team - Project Leader; Heads of Co-Curricular (e.g Sport, Music); Heads of Year; and Other Dept/Committee Heads.

    We recommend that all schools’ staff/committees be involved in managing information for their departments, such as communications to relevant staff, students and parents, curriculum resources, learning and assessment, and system administration.

  • Q: Do you provide professional services?

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    A: Yes, we offer a range of professional services for new and existing customers.

    Our services provide additional support for your school, including:

    • Consulting:
      • Training (online course and onsite).
      • Best practice implementation and education trends.
      • Strategy (communication, learning, user engagement, best practice usage).
    • Thought Leadership.
    • Community engagement and support.

    The fees for additional professional services are estimated based on your requirements. Our rate card is available on request.

    Learn more about the professional services we offer.

  • Q: Our ELC–Year 3 students will not need access to the platform, do we need to purchase a licence for them?

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    A: Yes, even though the students in these lower year levels will not be accessing the platform, their parents and teachers will need access and be using Schoolbox.

  • Q: Can I purchase licences just for a specific year level or campus?

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    A: You must purchase a licence for all students enrolled in the school. If staff and parents of students who will not be using Schoolbox also don't access the platform, then we may allow the purchase of a Schoolbox licence for a subset of your entire school, on a case-by-case basis.

  • Q: What if we have to add additional students throughout the year and we don't have a licence for them?

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    A: We encourage schools to estimate the total number of students predicted for the entire school year and purchase an additional block of 20 licences to account for any additions that may occur during the contract period (typically 12 months). This will provide a buffer to ensure you can add students as required.

  • Q: What if our student numbers change dramatically during the contract term (up or down more than 20 licences)?

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    A: If this is the case, you will need to contact your account manager. Increases will result in purchasing an additional block of 20 licences. If student numbers have decreased, credit options can be arranged.

  • Q: Why does the licence fee commence right away?

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    A: When you purchase SaaS software, there are additional services that come with the software and are taken into account for the licence fee. Although students may not begin using the platform right away, we will begin to initiate those services to ensure that from day one, we:

    • Provide access for your support registered users to our support desk (24 hour critical support response) and our success team.
    • Become responsible for the server, updates, backups, maintenance and patching of the software.
    • Provision your software instance so that it’s ready when the project needs to commence. This will enable your team and our team to start working together on configuring the software based on your school’s requirements. Teachers will be able to gain access to commence the teacher training course and to start using the platform to familiarise themselves with it.
    • Commence your Schoolbox project. This includes assigning the project manager for your school and scheduling/completing your project’s kick-off meeting.

    As soon as we provision the instance, we start to support it from day one so that the service can begin when you need it.

  • Q: How much does the mobile app cost?

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    A: The Schoolbox mobile app is sold separately by our partner Digistorm Education. You can contact them through their website. You need the Schoolbox "Pro" or “Elite” plan license to enable the integration between the platform and the app.

  • Q: When can my project commence?

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    A: Depending on your integration requirements and the availability of project team members, from contract return, the time to complete the Schoolbox installation project varies.

    We consult with each school to understand your unique goals and timelines to establish a project framework that will work for everyone.

    Schoolbox can have the server instance installed and up-and-running shortly after the Agreed Project Commencement Date (APCD).

    We generally allow 3–4 months after the contracts have been signed and returned to complete the Schoolbox installation project.

    This allows time for both Schoolbox and the school to complete all of the required configurations and be adequately prepared to launch a pilot of Schoolbox.

  • Q: We currently use an existing software - how do we transfer the data and resources?

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    A: Ask your existing software vendor what formats your data can export to from their system, then communicate that to our team. If your data format is compatible with Schoolbox, we will assist you in importing it into our system.

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Retention since 2002

Matthew Flinders Anglican College
The Scots College
Melbourne Girls Grammar
Saint Kentigern

“Schoolbox was selected because it is easy to use, has a powerful content management system and is supported by a company that shares our passion for education.”

Richard Jones, IT Manager

Shore School, New South Wales, Australia

“Schoolbox provides an online environment that is extensively customisable to meet the College branding, extends and enhances the learning opportunities for students and facilitates numerous communication approaches to keep our families informed.”

Brett Bastian, Director of ICT

Genazzano FCJ College, Victoria, Australia

“…this is indeed the learning management system that staff, students and parents will want to use…”

Victor Dalla-Vecchia, ICT Manager

Loyola College, Victoria, Australia

“Access from any device, meant that as we moved from a traditional 1:1 model to a BYOT environment the transition was easy”

Mary-Louise O'Brien, Chief Digital Officer

Melbourne Girls Grammar, Victoria, Australia

“Schoolbox for us at Fintona Girls’ School has been a fantastic way to bring together the needs of the school into one online place.”

Ashley Voigt, ICT Manager

Fintona Girls School, Victoria, Australia

“Schoolbox is an interactive environment for collaboration over resources. It’s a connection point for staff, students and parents.”

Judy Burriss, Director of ICT

Phil Carew, Head of Digital Technologies & eLearning

Toorak College, Victoria, Australia

“Schoolbox interacts seamlessly with our school management system, which saves time, cost and duplication of data across all campuses.”

Kay Forrester

Saint Kentigern, New Zealand

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