Schoolbox Pricing Details

Student-based Licencing

Although Schoolbox is used by the entire school community, we price the product based on the total number of students at your school.

You will need to purchase a licence for each of the following:

  1. students that will access Schoolbox.
  2. students whose parents and teachers will access Schoolbox.

Schoolbox licences are purchased in blocks of 20, to ensure there’s wiggle room for any mid-term contract changes.

So, you must purchase Schoolbox licences for the total number of students at your school, from the lowest year level (e.g. ELC and kindergarten), right through to the final year (e.g. year 12).


A fully managed service that adds value

The annual licence fee is based on the number of students in your school. There is no additional cost for teachers/staff or parents. See FAQ’s for more licence details.

The licence entitles you to:

  • Software updates—Ongoing development.
  • Fully managed service—we maintain and update your server and your Schoolbox software.
  • All year-round support from our legendary customer success and support services. See our Support Policy.
  • Attendance to the annual Schoolbox Meetup.

Online Teacher Training Course (OTTC)

Nurture each individual teacher for success

The annual online teacher training course licence fee is based on the number of students you have purchased a Schoolbox licence for, however it is broken into two rates:

  • Initial rate—$2.50—A higher rate to cover the higher, initial load on training and assessment.
  • Ongoing rate—$0.88—A reduced rate to enable existing staff to stay up to date and for new staff to get up to speed.

The licence entitles you to:

  • No limit on the number of staff who can access the courses. You can have as many teachers and other staff as you wish, complete the courses.
  • A private class page for your staff to complete the course and assessments.
  • Submitted assessments are graded by our Schoolbox Teachers, providing real time feedback to staff on their progress.
  • Unlimited access to current and future course material, enabling your staff to remain current with new and updated functionality in Schoolbox.
  • Ability to see exactly who has completed what in the course, enabling your project team to monitor success.


  • Mapped to AUS & NZ curriculum standards.
  • Read or watch lessons.
  • Flipped instruction—learn at your own pace.

All prices are listed in Australian Dollars (AUD) and exclude GST.

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